60 Quick Cotton Knits- Book Review

Just when we thought that Cascade Yarns can’t possibly pull off yet another must-have, “60 Quick Knits” book… they do! And this time around, their latest instalment features sixty irresistible patterns, all using their incredibly popular Cascade Ultra Pima cotton yarn.

Available in both a double knit and a fingering weight, Ultra Pima is one of the staple yarns in the Cascade family. It is available in a huge range of shades, which really should come as no surprise. Cascade is so very generous with their colour selection- no matter the yarn! And Ultra Pima is no exception.

If choosing to knit with cotton is due to allergies, conflicted feelings towards working with animal fibres, or simply because you love the cool, lightweight qualities that make knitting (and wearing!) cotton so versatile, this book has got you covered.

And what makes working with Cascade’s Yarns and patterns so enjoyable, is that the gauges they typically utilize make it incredibly easy to substitute yarns. If knitting with cotton just isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other options in the Cascade range (and beyond!) that could easily be used in lieu of Ultra Pima.


We love this Asymmetrical Shawl designed by Wei Wilkins, knit using four skeins of Ultra Pima DK. Perfect for adding a layer of (stylish) warmth due to overzealous air conditioning units, for evenings out on a patio once the sun sets, or even as a beach cover-up on your next tropical vacation/pool party! We love it. And one size fits all! So should you not want to make one for yourself, knit it as a gift for someone you really love.


Since Spring/Summer is just around the corner, and cotton makes the perfect fibre for those warmer months, a tank top seems most appropriate. We love this Slant Stitch Tank by Holli Yeoh. Flattering lines makes it gorgeous for a wide range of body types, and it can easily transition from work to play. Throw a jacket or cardigan over it for the office, or wear it solo for a dinner out. And what’s more, not having to knit sleeves makes this garment a perfect piece for those just getting into sweater knitting, or for those who are simply looking for a quick knit.

So be sure to get your hands on this book as soon as it becomes available at your local yarn shop by the end of the month. Be sure to give them a call first to find out exactly when they will be expecting it in.

Happy knitting (with cotton) everyone!


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