Colour Therapy- Free Pattern Friday

It’s that time of year again! That time when anyone and everyone living in Canada could seriously use a strong dose of colour.

But for some of us, heading down to the beautiful, colourful tropics just isn’t an option. And even for those of us that did make it somewhere a little less grey, sometimes that still isn’t quite enough.

So that’s when it’s wonderful to have yarn to satisfy those deep Winter colour cravings.

Which brings us to, this pattern! Quick and fun to knit, using Borgo’s Artilea and Kuki, this scarf/shawl is a non-stop party of colour and texture that is sure to get you through to the first signs of Spring.


Just think of this scarf as the silver lining to this seemingly long and colourless winter.

To get your hands on this pattern, simply click the link below.


And to find more free patterns for yarns by Borgo de Pazzi, click here.

Happy knitting everyone!


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