Pantone Spring/Summer 2016

While this part of the country is blanketed in snow, it can sometimes be difficult to imagine that Spring will ever actually show her pretty face. However, the gradually lengthening days are a comforting reminder that indeed, Spring will return.

Which brings us to… Spring/Summer knitting! You may still be cranking out hats and mitts to keep your family warm, but it never hurts to think ahead and plan what you’re going to wear to once the temperatures rise.

A good place to start? The Pantone colour forecast! Whether or not you are one to follow trends, it is always fun to see what the fashion world is predicting will be ‘the next big thing(s)’.

And if at first glance you are convinced that this years palette is simply not your thing, step back and have another look! You may just find a dash of unexpected inspiration, pushing you to think outside of your usual box.

Such as… a shade that you might not normally lean towards as an unexpected detail on the cuffs? Or a neckline? Or a light Summer scarf to accent your usual collection of grey tops?

With fresh, fruity tones, bold primaries and soft and soothing pastels, no matter your colour preference, you are sure to find something that can be incorporated into your warm weather wardrobe.


So either take a mental snapshot of this colour chart, or print it off and toss it into your knitting bag. Just be sure you keep it in mind as you trek over to your local yarn shop to pick up the materials for your next Spring knit!

Spring is coming everyone! We promise.

But we suggest that in the meantime… Keep those needles clicking.



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