Plain Vanilla Socks- Free Pattern Friday

Now that we know there are six weeks of Winter yet to go, we can accept it, curl up by the fire and RELAX with some selfish knitting and a hot beverage.

What better thing to knit at this point in the game, than a pair of cozy ‘plain vanilla’ socks for yourself, in a gorgeous sock yarn that simply speaks to you.

We are quite partial to Lang Jawoll for it’s fantastic striping and vivid colours, as well as Manos Alegria for its gorgeous colours and merino softness.

The nice thing about both of these yarns is that no fancy pattern is required- which is exactly what we mean when we say ‘plain vanilla’. Just plain ol’ stocking stitch straight down the leg and the foot. Some minor fancy-work is required at the heel and toe, but it’s nothing that can’t be done when you have a moment of quiet to yourself.


Note: If it’s your first time knitting socks, you might just want to save the ‘heel turn’ for when you’re not distracted by the TV, children or neighbours. But we can promise you that once you have turned a heel or two, you’ll be laughing.

So without further ado, we have a wonderful plain vanilla sock pattern for you today. So head on over to your local yarn shop, pick up a ball of sock yarn (just ask for ‘sock yarn’, and they will point you in the right direction), and then head home to kick back and relax.

Click the link below to access the pattern.

Estelle Sock Pattern

Happy knitting everyone!



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