When a Baby is Loved by Knitters

Once upon a time, there was a knitter who gathered together a group of her knitting friends, and offered to teach them all one new knitting technique every other week. Each technique was taught in the form of a square, each square building on whatever techniques had been covered in the previous one. These knitters worked through twelve blocks total, and in the end, each knitter had a cozy blanket to curl up under while watching TV on cold evenings, or read their favorite novel on stormy days. Some even went so far as to knit an extra block or two to make matching cushion covers!

This group of knitters shared lots of laughs, and even a few tears (some being knitting related, some not), and they continued to meet regularly long after they had each finished up their twelve squares.


Fast forward to more than a year after they had all initially met, and the knitter who had originally been teaching them announced to the group that she was pregnant.

For so many knitters, the first thing that comes to mind upon hearing such news of a fellow knitter/friend is ‘Ooooh! What can I knit for this wee babe?’ And this group was no different.

Not a second was wasted, and a plan was put in place, unbeknownst to the expectant yarn lover.


Each knitter chose their favorite block of the twelve that had originally brought them all together, and knit it up in a bright shade of Cascade Pacific– a wonderfully washable, super-soft yarn. A yarn that is perfect for babies of all ages! When all of the blocks were completed, the one knitter in the group who derives much satisfaction from sewing together knitting (Sidenote: knitters who enjoy ‘finishing’ are like white squirrels- rare, but they’re out there if you look hard enough), gathered up all of the squares and assembled them into the brightest, most beautiful, love soaked baby blanket one could possibly imagine.

Knitters are special people, and babies are incredibly lucky creatures, should they happen to have any in their life.

With the long, cold winter that lies ahead, this blanket will be cherished and cuddled by this baby for countless hours- and even years. Hopefully one day becoming nothing but a tattered remnant of a lovingly handknit blanket- the ultimate compliment that any child can give to a knitter.


5 thoughts on “When a Baby is Loved by Knitters

    • Thanks so much Rochelle! Your comment is SO appreciated! Apologies for the tardy reply… Not sure how it slipped past me! Happy knitting! 🙂


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