Lang Novena Color Shawl- Free Pattern Friday

We have talked about Lang Yarns here on the blog many times before. We have discussed the high quality of their products, the sophisticated styling of their patterns, and classic colourways of their range. If you hadn’t yet gathered… we are pretty big fans of Lang.

This past Fall marked the launch of a new yarn for Lang called Novena Color. Much like it’s little brother yarn Novena, Novena Color is soft to the touch, and light as a feather. The difference between these two sibling yarns is that Novena is solid in it’s shading and packaged in a 25 gram ball, while Novena Colour is self-striping and available in 50 gram balls. With fantastic yardage coming in at 220 meters per ball, a little can go a long way.

Take this shawl for example- only three balls! A simple stitch pattern and we found ourselves with an incredibly cozy yet classic triangular shawl.

This pattern has been offered free by Lang, and we have it available for download on our website!

Whether you are a new knitter just mastering the art of reading knits and purls, or a well-seasoned knitter who just wants a project to throw in their bag at a moments notice that requires very little of your attention- this is it!

We knit the version pictured above, and we can say with 100% honesty and certainty- each stitch was a pleasure.

Novena Shawl_edited-1

To view the full range of Novena Color, click here. And don’t forget that you can always knit this out of Lang Novena, if you are one to tends to prefer solid shades over striped. Just remember that you will need to double the quantity of yarn required, being that the balls are half the size of the Novena Color. 

Click here to find the pattern on our site. 

To find a yarn shop new you who stocks Lang Novena and Novena Color, please click here.

Happy knitting everyone!


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