King Cole Baby Books- Book Review

UK based company King Cole has been doing business in the knitting/yarn industry since 1935. They are well known for their fantastic range of high-quality yarns that are both on trend and affordable to knitters across the globe.

And as if that wasn’t reason enough for you to love them as much as we do- there’s more! The pattern support offered by King Cole is truly fabulous. With each new season, they work hard at getting fresh designs out the door for not only every new yarn that they launch but also for their classic and existing range of yarns. The inspiration is never-ending!

Several years ago, King Cole came out with a Baby Book that was such a huge success- they just kept making more! Starting with the aptly named ‘Baby Book 1’, they have now worked their way up to ‘Baby Book 7’!

And while we would love to be able to tell you that we have an absolute favourite… we really can’t! Each book is beautifully photographed and packed with sweet and stylish yet functional knits.

But that’s not all… three of the seven books contain patterns that work right up to seven-year-old sizes! (Books 4, 6 &7, to be specific). Did someone say matching sibling sweaters??  We can think of nothing sweeter!

These books have patterns using mostly DK weight yarn- which leaves you with loads of options! Not only does King Cole offer a huge range of kid-friendly DK weight yarns, your stash likely does too! If it’s cotton that you want to wrap up your little one in, then why not try some King  Cole Authentic Cotton Mix DK, or Bamboo Cotton? If you prefer acrylics, then Big Value DK, Candy Stripe, Cherished DK, Smarty DK and Flash DK are all options. But that’s not all! Click here to explore the entire range of King Cole yarns– a large portion of which are considered double knit, or DK.

So be sure to give your local yarn shop and ring to see if they happen to have any of these books in stock. Even if you don’t happen to have any babies in your life currently, any of these books would make great additions to your personal library.You just never know when you’re going to need to whip up a sweet little baby hat or cardigan for someone special!

To view the collection of King Cole knitting books, please click here.

Happy knitting everyone!


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