New Years Knit Resolutions

Now that Christmas is behind us all, we can focus on what lies ahead and start planning for the New Year. Afterall… There are only two more days until the ball drops! And if you’re anything like us… you haven’t had a chance to really stop and consider your wishes, hopes and goals for 2016.

Maybe you want to lose a little weight (you really don’t need to, if you ask us… but if that’s what you want to do- who are we to stop you?) Maybe you want to make more time for your family. Maybe you want to pick up a new hobby such as origami, kite-boarding or sailing. Or perhaps… you want to improve upon a hobby/skill that you already feel deeply invested in- both emotionally AND financially! (No one who actually knits or crochets ever claimed that knitting/crocheting was cheap!)

Often times, us knitters and crocheters begin to feel less like knitters, and more like ‘yarn collectors’. The rate at which many of us complete projects versus how much yarn we acquire often doesn’t add up. And before we know it… we are buried in a pile of yarn stash.

And BELIEVE us… there are FAR worse things to be buried in than yarn. However, it can feel overwhelming to some of us, thus halting (or at least, seriously slowing down) any kind of knitting/crocheting production.


With the New Year just around the corner, this is a good time to start with a fresh slate. Step back, have a look around, and start by organizing your stash, and then making a plan.

Whether you prefer to organize by colour, by gauge, or by project, you do what works best for you.

Once there is some sort of method to your ‘madness’ (Note: we aren’t calling you ‘mad’, but perhaps your children/spouse/roomates have! They just don’t understand… But we do!), figure out if there is anything that you can live without.

If there isn’t- that is perfectly okay.

But if there is, put it in a pile and find it a good home! Whether your local yarn shop is hosting a Yarn Swap, your local school is accepting donations for their knitting club, or your local Senior’s home is open to donations for their residents to knit/crochet with- there are plenty of great places for unwanted yarn to go and reinvent themselves.

Next up, make a plan for at least a few of the yarns that you are keeping. You don’t need to know what  each and every skein or ball in your stash will one day become, but it does help to start somewhere. Some people even get clear bags and make up their own ‘kits’ which include the yarn, pattern and needles. That way, when the spirit moves you, everything you need is right there and ready to be cast on.


And since it is a New Year after all, may we suggest that you present yourself with the challenge of tackling a project/technique that you never thought you were capable of? If you have been terrified of knitting socks- now is the time to do it! Always wanted to knit your husband the Fair Isle vest of his dreams? What are you waiting for? Maybe a cabled hat? Everyone has a ‘Magnum Opus’ in mind, and with the new year, comes new possibilities. Seize the day and cast on something that scares you!

Even if it takes you twenty years to get through it- you’ve made the first step. And that’s always the hardest step to take!

So, what New Years Knitting/Crocheting resolutions have you set for yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

Wishing each and every one of you a wonderful 2016- filled with lots of yarn, and successful knitting projects.


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