Wrap It Like You Mean It

Ladies and Gentlemen… It’s December 22nd! And while many of you are likely madly rushing to finish up and cast off those last minute Christmas gifts, there are surely some of you out there who may just have a beautiful stack of hand-knitted socks or scarves, ends woven in, all waiting to be wrapped and put under the tree.

If you are anything like us… you wait until the last possible minute to wrap up your handknit gifts- mainly because it’s just so nice to enjoy them for as long as possible before handing them off to the lucky recipients.

Handmade gifts are extra special, and deserve extra special attention when being wrapped! So be sure that you wrap up those socks you spent hours working away on in such a way that screams “This is not just any ordinary gift! This gift I poured hours of my life into, as well as all of the love that I’ve got!”

In essence? Make sure you wrap that present up in such a way that the person about to open it KNOWS that what’s inside is ‘kind of a big deal’.

We have rallied up three articles/websites that should give you some good tips and tricks for wrapping up those handknit masterpieces of yours in such a manner that expresses loud and clear ‘this ain’t no ordinary gift!’

The first source of inspiration comes from our good friend Tara who wrote an article for the Toronto-based online publication Knitty. The title of her piece is appropriately titled “With Bows, Curled Ribbons and Bells On”, and not only is her writing a joy to read, she has some pretty great ideas for you!

Photo courtesy of Tara Kimura and Knitty.com

Using mohair embellishments, cellophane and a little bit of extra TLC, Tara will no doubt inspire you to include a few extra ‘bows, curled ribbons and bells’ onto your next handknit package.

To read Tara’s article, please click here.

Another great website worth checking out for all things ‘gift wrap’ related is www.corinnavangerwen.com. Also based out of Toronto, Ontario, this gift-wrapping-guru has a website that is packed FULL of ideas on how to make your gifts shine from under the tree.

Whether it’s wine, wool or a wagon that you’re looking to artfully wrap up… there are tonnes of ideas on this site!

To check out Corinna’s site, please click here.

And lastly, it seems almost sinister to talk about beautifully wrapped gifts, without mentioning the wildly talented and always inspiring Martha Stewart.

Upon flipping through her site, we came across Martha’s version of incorporating yarn into her gift wrapping- and we love it!



Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart


Use leftover yarn from whatever project it is that you are gifting the lucky recipient, and give them a little sneak-peek as to what may be inside the beautifully wrapped package, without them even knowing it!

Alternatively, the next time you are at your LYS, have a dig through their ‘sale’ bin/shelf and see what neat yarns you can find that you may never knit with… but that would make a gorgeous embellishment on a package!


So there you have it dear knitters!

While there is no doubt in our mind that you have eight million things to cross off your list between now and Friday, we hope that this gave you a little bit of motivation to wrap those handknits with pride- because they deserve it! Much like you deserve all of the praise you will receive when everyone gushes about not only your wrapping… but more importantly, about what’s inside!

Happy wrapping everyone!


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