Felted Christmas Trees- Free Pattern Friday

The internet certainly is a wonderful place to find inspiration for most anything in life- whether it be knitting, baking, cooking, crocheting… plus SO much more!

Everyone likely has several (at least!) websites bookmarked that they find themselves returning to time and time again for ideas- even if none of those ideas actually amounts to anything tangible. It’s just so fun to dream and plan!

One of those websites for us is Purl Soho’s site, a yarn and fabric shop that is located in NYC. Their website offers patterns both for sale and for free that are well written, beautifully styled, and appropriate for all skill levels.

While we were cruising through their site recently, we came across these adorable felted Christmas trees that we simply couldn’t resist. And although we aren’t entirely sure that we will get any sort of ‘Christmas Tree Forest’ knitted up and felted in time for this year’s festivities… We can always think about it for next year! (But promise not beat ourselves up if it doesn’t actually happen- of course!)



What sealed the deal for us, was that this pattern happens to call for Cascade 220– a staple in every knitter’s stash, and in every local yarn shop’s inventory. The colour range is MASSIVE, the price point is decent, and it felts up like a charm.

Buy a few skeins of Cascade 220, and you will more than likely manage to get a few felted trees out of your selection. Before you know it… your hall table will have grown into its very own tree lot!



To get your copy of this free pattern, simply click here.

We hope that you aren’t all wearing yourself too thin with holiday prep, and that you are managing to squeeze in at least a few rows of knitting for yourself each every day.

Wishing you all a wonderful and festive weekend!


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