Top Ten Gifts For Yarn Lovers

This time of year, there are ‘Gift Lists’ on every single website out there. Top Ten Gifts for Teens, Top Ten Gifts for the Impossible to Shop For, Top Ten Gifts for your Favourite Pet… There really is a ‘Top Ten Gift Giving list’ for everyone!

So we thought that we would offer up Estelle’s ‘Top Ten Gift List for Yarn Lovers’. While those of you reading this blog are likely already huge yarn lovers… the people in your life that love you might not have a clue! So feel free to pass this list along to them, so that you can be sure to get something yarn related on the big day- which is now just over two weeks away!

1- We thought that we would start off with the most obvious suggestion- a swift and ball winder! And obvious though it may seen, they really do make the PERFECT gift. These two tools are something that a lot of knitters and crocheters easily talk themselves out of when shopping at their LYS, simply because of the price point. But if you are willing to spend a bit, and want to have the perfect gift under the tree for your #1 knitter? Then a swift and ball winder it is!

Should you only have the funds for one or the other, then allow us to suggest buying the swift first. The ball winder can always come next year. With a swift, the knitter can still wind it by hand, and it keeps the skein of yarn from tangling in the process. A ball winder is a bit tricker to use without it’s mate.

2- A knitting bag! The thing about knitters is that… we all love bags to hold our projects. And while this can often times just be a really good excuse to keep casting on more and more projects (I have this great new knitting bag… I had better cast something on so that I can put my new bag to use!), it really doesn’t matter. We love bags! And the good thing about this gift suggestion? You can spend as much, or as little as you please. For something that doesn’t cost the earth, but will hold a large knitting project (or several small ones!), why not check out some of our Decodelire bags! Available at local yarn shops across Canada, be sure to give your LYS a shout to see which ones they have in stock.

Front Cover

3- A knitting book. Even if you may not know a thing about knitting, there are so many fantastic titles to choose from! The entire collection of “60 Quick Knits” books is always a safe bet. Whether it be the original 60 Quick Knits for someone who is just building their knitting book library, or maybe 60 Quick Baby Knits for the parent/grandparent-to-be! You really can’t go wrong with any one of the books in this series. Another safe bet is anything written by Elizabeth Zimmerman– the grandmother of modern day knitting! Not only do her patterns approach knitting from an angle unlike any other knitter/author/designer out there, her writing is so witty and charming- even non-knitters would enjoy an afternoon on the couch with one of her books!



4-A skein of something that you know the knitter wouldn’t buy themselves. May we suggest a few balls of Lang Cashmere? Gift giving is ALL ABOUT giving something that you know the recipient wouldn’t treat themselves to, so GO for it! Not only will they love knitting every stitch of it… they may even use the yarn to make something special for you for NEXT Christmas! However… don’t hold your breath. What they decide to do with their cashmere is entirely their decision. Just remember that! 🙂


5- Notions– Any yarn shop in the country will have notions available for sale. And if you’re unsure of what to buy, just ask the sales people! Those who work in yarn shops tend to be incredibly friendly, so please do not feel silly about inquiring! Locking stitch markers, row counters, darning needles… Even if your knitter already has all of these things, they could always use more! Remember how we mentioned the collection of project bags that that every knitter has to go with each project? Well… they need notions to go with each of those projects! So… stock up! Tip: notions make great stocking stuffers!

6- Something you knit yourself. It’s true. Knitters are seriously the BEST people to knit for, despite what you may think! Knitters know what went into whatever project it is that you have made them, so even if you feel as though your skills are far inferior to theirs, don’t let that stop you. They will love your chunky garter stitch scarf filled with holes and dropped stitches, just as much as you will love the fingering weight fair isle mittens that they make you. We promise!

7- Pompom maker. For the little yarn enthusiast in your life, why not get them started with a pompom maker? Pompoms are fun and easy to make, and it’s great for kids to have the opportunity to play with yarn, even if they’re still a bit too young to start knitting just yet. Why not knit the little one a hat, and then they can make their very own pompom for it?


8-Knitting/Crochet Classes. You might have to do a bit of research on this one, but if you have someone in your life with a keen interest in expanding their knitting or crochet skills, get the details! Find out what it is that they are wanting to learn, and then see if your local yarn shop or knitting guild has any classes coming up that might suit. Even better? See if there is a class that might interest the BOTH of you! Because often giving someone the gift of your time is the best gift that you can give.

9- A Yarn Bowl. We know it may sound crazy… but we promise that once your knitter tries one out, they will wonder how they survived all these years without. Many local yarn shops now carry yarn bowls, but if yours doesn’t, be sure to check out, which is a fantastic website where makers sell their goods. There are loads of yarn bowls available on Etsy! All in a wide ranges of colours, styles and price points. Not only are they practical as they keep your yarn from rolling across the room, they are a pleasure to look at on your coffee table.



10- A knitting/crochet kit. Translation- a package that is made up of everything the knitter/crocheter will need to make a particular item. Whether it be a kit that you assemble yourself (a ball of sock yarn, needles and a pattern), or maybe one that you find at a yarn shop already made up (a big blanket kit? Poncho? Sweater?), it’s sometimes fun for the knitter to be presented with everything they need to get started on a project- and then they can! Right there, on Christmas day. How absolutely blissful.

So there you have it knitters, crocheters and readers- our top ten list of gifts for all of you yarn lovers out there. Have another suggestion? Leave it in the comments section!

To have a look at what we suggested last year, click here! While we admit to repeating a few gift ideas this time around, it is still worth a look.

Happy shopping and holiday knitting/crocheting everyone!


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