A Successful Substitution Story

Occasionally, it’s fun to live on the edge a little. Wouldn’t you agree? And sometimes that simply means nothing more than knitting a project using a yarn other than what your pattern calls for!

So long as the gauge of your chosen yarn is the same as the gauge that is called for in the pattern- you’re golden! There are always some exceptions of course, but generally speaking, that’s the way that it should play out. And while we hate to be the ones to tell you this… the only way to know for sure is to SWATCH! So be sure not to skip over that step! It is simply a necessary nuisance.

Diane over at at Diane’s Creative Elements took a chance and cast on this pattern by King Cole which calls for Drifter DK, but she knit it using Riot DK instead! Being that both yarns are double knit, there wasn’t much of an issue.

And as it turns out, the end result is simply fantastic!



If swapping yarn in a pattern is something that you have wanted to try but are just a little nervous of attempting- we urge you to give it a shot! Because once you do, your options will broaden tremendously.

Simply click here to read our post from last year about gauge.  Then be sure to double check with the staff at your local yarn shop when you’re purchasing your yarn from them.

The main thing that one must keep an eye on when substituting yarn (aside from gauge) is the amount of yarn used. Just because a pattern may have called for three balls of Drifter DK, doesn’t necessarily mean that you will need three balls of Riot DK. (Could be less… could be more!) This is why we love our local yarn shops! The staff are there to help you out with questions just like this one.

So the next time you’re having a hard time finding the yarn that a pattern you are dying to knit calls for- substitute! Just be SURE that you don’t skip out on the gauge swatch.

Thank you (once again!) for the inspiration Diane.

And happy knitting everyone!



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