Patterned (and Colourful!) Christmas Stockings- Free Pattern Friday

It’s the last Friday in November- so it’s time to get your knit on! Even if you don’t plan on knitting any gifts for the holiday season, it never hurts to get into the Christmas spirit- even if that just means a small amount of knitting to spruce up your holiday decor.

Today’s pattern is a fantastic ‘stash buster’- a really colourful Christmas stocking! The pattern officially suggests using the popular yarn Cascade 220, which comes in a huge range of shades. However, you can always just pick up a skein or two as your main colours from your local yarn shop, and then use bits and pieces you have at home for all of the contrast colours.

So while you’re sitting in your knitting chair this evening, have a look around, and gather up whatever leftover bits of yarn you may have laying about, and see if you can start designing a stocking unlike any other stocking you may have ever seen before.

(Note: We realize that not every knitting chair out there looks quite like ours… so we totally understand if you have to actually get up out of your chair to find these bits and pieces of yarn elsewhere in your home).

This is a really fun pattern not only to knit, but also to plan! And if you’re not the ‘planning type’- worry not! This pattern also lends itself beautifully to those of you who prefer ‘free-style’ knitting.

Cascade Stockings-3The pattern suggests using a minimum of four colours and up to ten (or more!), so gather up some colours and get started!

You can carefully plan and sketch which colours you would like to go where, or you can close your eyes and bury your hand deep into your knitting basket to see what you pull out next! The choice is entirely yours. Either way, we are certain that you will land yourself with an incredibly beautiful stocking.

As for the stitch patterns, it’s almost like a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ novel. There are three groups of stitch patterns, each group with a variety of options. The instructions tell you when to start which pattern ‘group’, and when it’s time to move on to the next. Each pattern group works with the number of stitches required, you just pick the pattern that you like best. The combinations are endless. It’s really quite clever!

Cascade Stockings-5

Mix that with a combination of wild and wacky shades, or traditional neutrals, and you have yourself a one of a kind Christmas stocking to hang up for years to come.

To get your hands on this fabulous pattern, simply click here.

And to view the full range of Cascade 220 shades, click here.

Should you happen to knit up one of these beautiful stockings- don’t be shy! We would LOVE to see it!

Happy knitting (and holiday planning!) everyone!


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