Arapaho Poncho- Free Pattern Friday

We just received our latest batch of Pad Patterns back from the printer- which means that pretty soon (if not already!), you should be able to pick up paper copies at your local yarn shop. (If you prefer digital copies, click here to view our entire collection of free patterns online).

So today, it seemed appropriate for us to feature one of our most recent pad patterns as this Friday’s  free pattern!

Using just three balls of a new yarn by Miss Tricot Filati called Arapaho, this poncho knits up quickly on a set of massive 25mm needles. Don’t know where to get such huge needles? We’ve got ’em! Just ask your local yarn shop to give us a call, and we will have them sent out as soon as possible.


While we feel confident in stating that this is a very well written pattern by the talented Helen Firing, we are thrilled to report that Helen made a YouTube video to demonstrate how these big dropped stitches are achieved. (How DOES one do that, without unraveling the entire garment anyway!?!??!) And even if you think you already know how this is done… watching a video never hurts! Because you just never know what you might learn.

The YouTube video can be found by clicking here.


As for the yarn, be sure to check it out! It’s chunky, soft and fluffy, and available in a gorgeous range of shades. Something for every person, and every outfit!

To get your free copy of this pattern, click here to link to our website where you will find it waiting for you.

And to find a shop that stocks Miss Tricot Filati Arapaho, click here.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


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