Baby “Joe-Da’s” Felted Hat

With Hallowe’en having been just this past weekend, anyone with a Facebook account was likely bombarded with adorable kid-Hallowe’en-costume photos as soon as they woke up on Sunday morning. Sweet little baby pumpkins, dinosaurs, Spider Men, princesses, firefighters… the list goes on!

As is the case most years, Star Wars proved to be a big hit amongst the costuming crowd- heck, even our newly elected Prime Minister and his wife donned costumes from the explosively popular movies! So when a good friend of ours asked us where she could get her hands on a warm little Yoda hat for her eight-month-old son Joe’s costume, we simply could not resist the challenge.

With only one skein of Cascade Eco+, and some help from a pattern that we found on Ravelry, our friend Joe (aka Joe-Da) was not only warm on Hallowe’en night, but he was also incredibly cute. (Not that we had anything to with his cuteness factor… that’s just how he is).

Baby Joe-Dah

Very few mods were made to the pattern, other than two things.

Mod #1- We took the advice of a fellow Raveler, and opted to knit the ears double thickness, so as to avoid using glue to keep the ears sticking straight out. While the ears still flopped back a little bit… it seemed to work out alright.

The only downside to this? The ears ended up a bit more blunt than Yoda’s ears actually are, giving little Joe-Da the look of a green puppy dog at times, but I think that for the most part… Who he was trying to emulate was pretty loud and clear.

Mod #2- We knit the hat straight for 1.5″ longer than the pattern called for. We then decreased four stitches evenly around each round until we were down to four stitches total. This gave us a much more rounded crown than the original pattern shows. Once again, a suggestion made by the same Raveler who knit the ears doubled. (Thank you rhianelaine!)


Joe-Da and Puppy Chewbacca

For those of you who have never felted before, there are a few things you need to know before you get started. For starters, make sure that you are using a yarn that is NOT a superwash. Cascade Eco and Cascade 220 are amongst the most popular… and with good reason! They felt up beautifully.

Be certain that you put whatever it is you are felting into a pillowcase or lingerie bag, so as to avoid jamming up your machine with wooly fibres. Just trust us on this one…

We ran this little hat through our top loading washing machine twice, but not wanting to felt it beyond the point of fitting on Joe’s sweet head, we handed it off to his mom to do the final phase of felting. She ran it through her machine another two times (a front loader), and it was juuuuuust right.


Joe-Da and Momma Leia

So there you have it dear knitters!

We hope that you all had a very Happy Hallowe’en, and managed to incorporate some knits into your costume! And if you did- do share!

Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday.


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