A Shawl For Sharing- (With You!)

Marsha was recently visiting our friends at the Purple Purl, when Robbie, a much-loved employee at the Purl showed her his latest design which uses 1-2 skeins (dependent on size) of Cascade Eco.

The name of the pattern is ‘A Shawl For Sharing’, and is available for purchase through Ravelry.


We love this piece! The small size works well as a little something to tuck into the collar of your coat on those cooler days, and the larger version can become a poncho if you choose to sew buttons along one edge, and loops along the other.

Think of how cozy you will be not only while knitting this, but also while you’re wrapped up in it once you have cast off!


This pattern is inspired by Gansey sweaters, using knits and purls with the occasional slipped stitch thrown in for some added texture. This project is absolutely perfect for enthusiastic beginners, looking to kick up their knitting up to the next level. Yet the variety in stitches makes it an equally satisfying knit for those of you who are confident in your knitting abilities.


So thank you to Robbie for sharing this shawl with us! We hope that you will take a moment to check out the pattern page on Ravelry. And while you’re at it, check out Robbie’s blog by clicking here.

Happy knitting everyone!


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