Squishy Baby Bathrobe

Diane from The Wool & Silk Co in Shelburne, Ontario recently shared a pattern with us that she has for sale on Ravelry. And while we tend to typically share free patterns on Fridays, we thought that this was well worth bending the rules a bit. Especially since it’s only $3.00! That’s basically the price of a coffee!

The pattern is called Squishy Baby Bathrobe, and the name perfectly describes exactly what this pattern entails.

Not only is this pattern heart-breakingly adorable, but it is knit using an appropriately ‘squishy’ yarn that we happen to be responsible for- Estelle Baby Bunting!

But first… the design.  This is the perfect little housecoat for children up to the age of four years old. It’s great to lounge in while kicking back on the couch (because yes… even kids need to ‘kick back’ every now and again), or for when they are fresh out of the bathtub.


It’s cozy, it’s fluffy, not to mention… it’s adorable! And that hood is just the icing on the cake!

But the cherry on the cake? This can be knit in record time! On 8mm needles, this little housecoat will happen, even if you have left it to the very last minute.


The yarn is available in a range of sweet shades, perfect for any little person you might feel so inclined to knit this for. Click here to view the full range of colours.

Q514-Ball-Image-BabyGreenSo there you have it! A pattern for you to roll around in your head for the weekend, only to cast it on and have it completed by the next.

We promise… it’s just that fast.

Click here to get your hands on the pattern.

Thanks for passing it along to us Diane!


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