Estelle KAL Pattern- Free Pattern Friday

It’s Friday… which is typically the day of the week that we offer you knitters a free pattern! And today is no different… HOWEVER, today we are offering a pattern that we know you have all seen before.

We have been receiving some requests from a lot of you readers for a version of the KAL pattern, that isn’t 437 pages long (or something like that). And we hear you! It’s wordy alright…

2015-02-23 08.21

So if you want to re-knit this pattern and skip over all of the instructional chatter stuff, here you have it!

Or maybe you haven’t yet knit the pattern, and just want to dive right in. Well, now you can.

So enjoy!

KAL Authentic Sweater

And remember that we would LOVE to see your version of this sweater, so don’t be shy! Drop us a line with a photo when you are finished!

Click here to get your hands on the pattern.

Estelle Yarns KAL Full Pattern

Have a great weekend everyone!


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