Rico Yarns “Essentials Cotton DK”

While we are working hard at getting our Fall line-up of yarns all ready to show all of the yarn shops across the country, we know that all of you knitters are all likely just beginning to think about Spring/ Summer knitting. And we can’t say that we blame you! In his part of the country, we finally had our first beautiful weekend of weather, so knitting with warmer weather- fibres is finally on our radar! We thought that today might be a good day to shine a spotlight on one of our favorite new cottons- Rico’s Essentials Cotton DK.  RI383990 Ball Shot The colour range is vast, the cotton is crisp, the patterns are trendy, and the price is decent. What more could you ask for in a yarn?

This beautiful, mercerized cotton makes fabulous baby garments, summer shawls/ wraps, cardigans, crochet projects- even home decor! And being that this yarn knits at a DK weight, the pattern support available at your local yarn shop, as well as on Ravelry is endless. Double knit yarn is just SUCH a great gauge! It is not too thick that it can feel cumbersome on the needles and body, but not so thin that you feel like you are knitting a never-ending project! Not sure what we mean by double knitting? Click here to check out our blog post about yarn gauges. To view the full range of Essential’s Cotton DK colours, click here. Happy Spring Knitting everyone!


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