Amalfi Vest- Free Pattern Friday

We thought that for today’s free pattern, we would look to the warmer Spring weather that has finally landed on us in this part of the country, for a little bit of inspiration.

Which to us means… knitting with cotton! And not knitting sleeves!

However, we realize that some of you might find knitted tank tops a bit silly (we don’t… but we also fully understand why you might).

Which brings us to… this vest!

Cascade Amalfi Vest

A vest lends itself so well to layering, making it suitable for all types of weather. It is surely no coincidence that the word ‘vest’ just so happens to sound a lot like the word ‘versatile’!

Knit this vest in a cotton so that you can throw it over a tank top in the summertime, or knit it in a warm wool for when the chill comes back to bite us once again. The choice is yours! That’s the nice thing about knitting… you can make it your very own!

This vest has been knit in Cascade’s Ultra Pima Cotton, a yarn with beautiful sheen and drape- perfect for a summery top! Not to mention, it is available in a huge range of shades! You are sure to find your hue of choice.

We love the cables that run up the front panels of this garment, as well as the lace insert on the upper back (click on the pattern link to view a back view). Those combined elements make this pattern  fun to knit which is, of course, the most important part!. And it can easily be ‘dressed up’, or ‘dressed down’, making it a key piece in any wardrobe.

In order to access this pattern, simply click the link below.


Happy knitting everyone!


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