Rico Knitting Dolls

We are roughly halfway through winter, and while the days are actually pretty short, they certainly do feel never-ending. Don’t they? Especially for those of you with kids at home, running around in circles! The sun isn’t exactly working overtime, and it is frigidly cold outside, making it difficult to head out and enjoy much time with Mother Nature. It is this time of year, every year, that “cabin fever” breaks out into epidemic-like proportions, which leaves us all desperate for as many new ‘indoor activity ideas’ as we can come up with.

Which brings us to these absolutely adorable ‘knitting dolls’, by Rico. I know that we gave these little guys a mention in our “Season of Giving” post, but we thought that they were worth another shout out. Aren’t they just the cutest?

Let each child pick out their favorite character, along with their favorite coloured ball of yarn, and away they go!

Ball Large Image 337x295

Should you need a little refresher on how to use these guys, check out this YouTube video by clicking here.

Once you and the small ones in your life get the hang of it, you are guaranteed a good hour or so of peace and quiet.

And if you’re lucky… maybe even more.

Call your local yarn shop to see if they have the Rico knitting dolls in stock.



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