KAL Sweater in King Cole Splash

Last Friday, we posted some pretty exciting news about our latest contest, which kicks off on Monday, March 2nd, 2015.

If you missed the blog post with all of the details, simply click here to catch up.

In summary? We are knitting a children’s sweater over the course of six weeks, and we hope that you will join us! Especially since the prizes to be won are pretty great. (That never hurts, right?)

Since you are probably wondering what this little sweater is going look like, here is a glimpse!

It is a sweet pullover, with a stocking stitch body, garter stitch cuffs and yoke and raglan sleeves. The perfect project for a first-time sweater knitter!

And even if you aren’t new to sweater knitting, we are sure that you will find this a good exercise in perfecting your knitting and finishing skills.

KAL Splash sweater 1This particular version of the sweater was knit using a popular self striping yarn called King Cole Splash DK, in shade 893. 

See how nicely that knit up? No changing of yarns/colours required!

Have a peek at the Splash shade card, and perhaps you will see a shade that will have you itching to cast on. Be sure to check in with your local yarn shop to see if they have any in stock! If not, there is still plenty of time to order.

Stay tuned next Monday, as we will have another version of this same sweater knit up. You will love how differently a plain sweater pattern (such as this one) can look, when you simply switch up the yarn!


3 thoughts on “KAL Sweater in King Cole Splash

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