Grosso Marshmallow Pillow- Free Pattern Friday

Since we are currently in the thick of winter, we are all probably spending a lot more time cooped up in our homes, trying to stay warm. And hopefully, maybe even knitting!

While there is simply “No Place Like Home”, I am finding that spending so much time at home has gotten me thinking about re-decorating. Now, I’m not talking a major renovation here… just ‘freshening up’! A new picture on the wall, moving the furniture around… how about a new throw pillow?

Knitted home decor is all the rage these days, so why not add some to your home? Check out all of these knitted cushions and throws that Pottery has got for sale! Better yet… why not MAKE some yourself?

Which brings us to today’s pattern. It’s quick, it’s easy, and we promise you that your friends are going to ask you “Where did you get that fabulous cushion?” the next time they stop by for a cuppa.


Using only two skeins of Borgo ‘De Pazzi Grosso, and massive 20mm needles, you will have this cushion proudly displayed on your knitting chair well before the next snowflake falls.


So enjoy dear knitters! Enjoy your home. enjoy your knitting- and of course, enjoy your knitted home decor!


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