Martine Hat- Free Pattern Friday

In this part of Canada, it has been a VERY cold week. And not only that, the gift giving season is behind us, and the time has come to start knitting selfishly. (That is… unless you always do knit selfishly. And who could blame you!?!?! Carry on!)

Which brings us to, today’s pattern. A hat! And not just any ol’ hat that you would whip up as a stocking stuffer for your sister’s latest boyfriend, or that person at work who you promised you would knit for… this is something reserved for only the most special person. And that person would be… YOU! You deserve to be toasty warm AND stylish, even on the coldest of days. And this hat is the best way possible I can think to achieve just that.


This pattern comes to us from the kind folks over at Fairmount Fibers. A beautiful slouchy hat that is knit using only one skein of the gorgeous Fino, by Manos Del Uruguay. It is knit in a simple, yet effective, stitch pattern known as the “St. John’s Wort Stitch”.

The combination of yarn and stitch pattern marries together beautifully. And a hat is a wonderful way to showcase both.


It’s cold out there… so whether or not you consider yourself a ‘hat person’, this is a safe bet either way.

To access this stunning hat pattern, simply click here.

Manos Fino Ball Image 337 x 295And to view the full range of shades that Manos Fino is available in, click here. Then head on over to your local yarn shop and grab the skein that sings to you the loudest!

Happy knitting everyone!

Stay warm!


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